Monday, December 04, 2017

The Ladies of Lanford

Roseanne Barr is batshitcrazy -- I don't see how a leftist like Sandy doesn't go off on her. (I get that they are old friends, but she's been incredibly cordial to Susan Sarandon's face, too.) Still, that doesn't mean this "Roseanne" reunion isn't making me all teeth! (Photo from HERE.)



JimmyD said...

I thought Barr was a trump supporter. She was a year ago.

Michael Diamond said...

M. O. N. E. Y. - Sandra B, just like the rest of them; could use the flow. that is all. they are all willing to put politics aside for a little more time in the spotlight and a new house. John Goodman is only one in the lot with a solid career and no vested interest in returning to the show.

None of them can act anymore. Of course Sandra never could.

JimmyD said...

Sandra has never been considered an actress... but she can act.
And if you're going to dismiss Laurie Metcalf... well... I normally wouldn't say this but: you're wrong. Look her up. Her latest, 'Lady Bird,' is the talk of the town.

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