Thursday, December 28, 2017

Song of the Day: 'This Is My Song' by Petula Clark

Not surprising that one of the highlights of seeing a woman who has been in show business for eight decades is the stories she shares.

In addition to a fabulous anecdote about working with Fred Astaire on "Finian's Rainbow" — with some bizarre guy they'd never heard of (Frances Ford Coppola) who brought his hippie friend (George Lucas) to the set — her rather animated anecdote about how happy Charlie Chaplin was that the song he'd written for her for the soundtrack of his movie "A Countess From Hong Kong" had been such an international sensation, recorded in numerous languages. "He didn't cast me in the film, however," she explained, adjusting her bosom. "For some reason he chose Sophia Loren." Petula then mock-gloated that unlike the song, the film had not been much of a success!

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