Friday, December 22, 2017

Remains of the Day (12/22)

It's Either Sadness or Euphoria: Everything you wanted to know about (sex with) Jake Shears but were afraid to ask

The Film Experience: Why didn't Mariah Carey think of this?

Dlisted: An open post hosted by a shirtless Hugh Jackman and his shirtless trainer getting in a workout

The Gay Almanac: Horrible person Roy Moore attempts to gain points by posting about Doug Jones's (hot) gay son

Towleroad: Rugby player and LGBT ally Ben Cohen responds to alleged revealing photo leak

The New York Times: Marcelo Gomes leaves American Ballet Theater after sexual misconduct allegation -- who's the "unlucky" guy?

JoeMyGod: Feds subpoena Deutsche Bank for Jared Kushner's records

Made in Brazil: One cleancut and one bearded tattooed love boy

The Randy Report: The imaginary "war on Christmas" continues

TVLine: 91 television shows that ended in 2017 (will you miss any of them?)

Village Voice: Bilge Ebiri's 25 best films of 2017

The WoW Report: Watch "The Fabulous Beekman Boys Holiday Special"

AIDS/LifeCycle: My friend Paul is halfway to Los Angeles riding his bike to end AIDS and could use your support!

Awkward Mom: This kid interviewed a cat and totally found his calling

OMG Blog: Actor Elyas M'Barek sure fills out a pair of snug briefs

HuffPost Queer Voices: Kevin Spacey went "underground" after sexual misconduct allegations, says Ridley Scott

Matthew's Island of Misfit Toys: You'd have never gotten off of Santa's lap if he'd looked like this

Deep Dish: Vote for the hottest "dish" of the year -- from hairy to smooth and everything in between

ShortList: Straight men are officially the worst people in the world at sex

Back2Stonewall: Marvel cancels "Iceman," its only solo project with a gay male lead

BosGuy: This "Furry Friday" man could keep a guy warm even in the Boston cold

Boy Culture: Niki Haris on her Madonna years: "I learned discipline about creating your own vision and sticking with it"

Curbed New York: The 12 best longreads of 2017, including a love letter to New York's libraries and the history of the Bowery

Daily Intelligencer: The EPA is driving away scientists and that's just what Trump wants

Hot Cat of the Day: I'm such a sucker for a studious feline!


Bill Carter said...

Pathetic loser Roy Moore belatedly tries to make Doug Jones's son an issue? Bring it on!

Then we can compare and contrast the life and works of Carson Jones with those of Moore's creepy offspring, who was just arrested for the ninth time.

Moore, Palin, Huckabee. Is it surprising that right-wing religious grifters seem to produce an unusually high proportion of sociopaths and dopers?

edmcan said...

Why didn't Mariah Carey think of this? It's not nearly slutty enough for Mimi- she likes her enormous dugs to flapping around and the skirt, if there is one, slit to her navel.

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