Thursday, December 07, 2017

Remains of the Day (12/07)

The Hollywood Reporter: "Dick Van Dyke" star Rose Marie on what happened when she publicly shamed her harasser

Greg in Hollywood: A curious Will surprises a shirtless Paul in his hotel room on "Days of Our Lives"

Gay Star News: Same-sex marriage is official now in Australia, but that couple who vowed to divorce if it became legal is now backing out on their promise

ACLU: What is net neutrality?

The New York Times: Unlike the blue-collar workers he hires, Trump wouldn't dare stiff Sheldon Adelson

The WoW Report: Did Donald Trump's dentures just fall out?

OMG Blog: At least on A-list actress in Hollywood had no idea Harvey Weinstein was a rapist

Hunk du Jour: Oh, boy -- those briefs don't stand a chance

Gr8er Days: Ultimate fan recollection of "The Poseidon Adventure"

The Film Experience: A first trailer for Andrew ("Weekend," "Looking") Haigh's "Lean on Pete"

DListed: Jeffrey Tambor hasn't quit "Transparent" just yet

The Gay Almanc: Is being gay in your DNA? Science seeks an answer

Boy Culture: Madonna gets down with Anderson Cooper and Kelly (Lee) Ripa

Edge Media: Gay Argentina rugby player left with fractured eye in brutal beating

The Randy Report: Judge denies request to move trial of Pulse nightclub shooter's wife

HuffPost Queer Voices: State rep Brian Simms says Pennsylvania's anti-legislator who had a hissy fit must step now

The Associated Press: Another day, another school shooting

Deep Dish: Since when does Santa have a six-pack?

Top 5: 23 animal photos that will convince you to adopt one

Hot Cat of the Day: That's what I call a Johnny cat!

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jaragon said...

The wrestler's boyfriend is one lucky guy...

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