Tuesday, December 05, 2017

Remains of the Day (12/05)

Time Out: Armie Hammer will make his Broadway debut in "Straight White Men"(!)

The Washington Post: Why online reviews are not the best way to choose a doctor

Alan Ilagan: Casey Spooner donning a 'stache and not much else

Column of Life: It's always a good time for a Judy Collins break

D-Listed: I guess they won't be able to get Ashton Kutcher to fill in for a show's axed star this time

Gr8er Days: Carol Burnett special draws huge ratings

Hunk du Jour: I'd being willing to risk drowning to be rescued by this one

The Wall Street Journal: Aetna's CEO set to reap about $500 million if CVS deal closes, but they wouldn't pay for my endoscopy ordered by my doctor because of a family history of esophageal cancer

The WoW Report: Brace yourself for Randy Travis's naked DWI arrest video

Daily Intelligencer: RIP, John Anderson, whose 1980 presidential campaign I ran at Rhodes Junior High (I was young and foolish and didn't know third-party candidates are a complete waste!)

Towleroad: Director Bryan Singer opts for the martyr routine after dismissal from Queen biopic

The Independent: Russia banned from 2018 Winter Olympics over systematic doping offenses

The Gay Curmudgeon: Why you have no interest in the music that's being made today

Page Six: Happy 40th birthday to the venerable gossip column!

The Hill: Disgraced Rep. John Conyers retires from House of Representatives -- but GOP resumes backing of Roy Moore

The Gay Almanac: Austrian court rules same-sex couples can marry ... but not until 2019

The New Yorker: The magazine's 25 most-read stories of 2017

The New York Times: David Brooks thinks the way for gays to make advances is to shut up about discrimination -- and invite their oppressors over for dinner

OMG Blog: Jake Gyllenhaal is as adorable as ever

HuffPost Queer Voices: Here's what's at stake in the Supreme Court's gay wedding cake case

JoeMyGod: LGBT side worried after oral arguments in Masterpiece

Tennis Life: Ryan Harrison has hired a new coach

Back2Stonewall: The Ghosts of St. Vincent's Hospital, ground zero for NYC's AIDS epidemic

Deep Dish: I'd have asked for something else if the Santa at my mall had had pecs like this

Economic Policy Institute: Now the Trump administration wants to make it legal for owners to steal tips from their waitstaff

Kitty of the Day: This little guy reminds me of someone!


Blobby said...

Carol Burnett funny (even if those same 12 clips have been shown on 137 "specials"). Jay Leno - not funny. Could not stand to watch w that putz sitting on the sofa.

Damian said...

Had no idea Harrison had even been working with Sanguinetti, who was the original silver fox on tour (back when an active thirty-something player was still an oddity rather than a likely Slam winner, as now). Harrison and Russell will make a well-padded-in-the-rear team....

jaragon said...

Carol Burnett and company made classic timeless comedy...I would like to find the Santa Dude under my tree

ATANNER said...

michael is a good coach for Ryan. He maximized his talent via very hard work and perseverance. Would love to see Ryan do the same. He will help get that beautiful rear end into tip top shape....Vamos Ryan!

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