Friday, December 15, 2017

Remains of the Day (12/15)

Paper: Michael Musto on the year's 10 celebrity deaths that hurt the most

Dlisted: This cow is in no mood for your Christmas bullshit

EW: "Curb Your Enthusiasm" renewed for 10th season

Back2Stonewall: NYC's first gay disco, Flamingo, opened its doors in December 1974

BosGuy: The veiny arms complement the hairy chest nicely

Towleroad: Trump judicial nominee humiliated under questioning, doesn't know anything about law

The New York Post: Donna Summer musical producers are scared of Cher

Boy Culture: If you're hunting for Matteo Lane's mustache, I've found it

Daily Intelligencer: Tump might fire his top diplomat for always pushing diplomacy

The Gay Almanac: As I've said for years, heterosexual relationships are just unnatural

The Village Voice: The best film of the year isn't coming to theaters -- it's on Netflix

The New York Times: Doctor cites inconsistencies in Dylan Farrow's statements (1993)

Baseline: Fernando Verdasco weds Ana Boyer on private Caribbean island

Tennis Life: Safarova reunites with coach Steckley

The New York Times: In a play, Rafael Nadal inhabits a new role as gay icon

Tennis Now: Retired Lleyton Hewitt will pair with retiring Sam Groth at Aussie Open

Oh La La: How to politely find out someone's sexuality

Johnny Whiskfingers: Sexy comic book set in dystopian London in an enclave of bears ...

HuffPost Queer Voices: Shelter for homeless LGBTQ youth, named for Bea Arthur, opens in NYC

Variety: LGBTQ characters "still invisible" in primetime U.S. Spanish-language TV

The Washington Post: Critics picked their favorite journalism movies and then asked Katie Couric, Bob Woodward, Carl Bernstein and others to weigh in on what these films reveal about the profession

The Daily News: Police sergeant shot his son for drinking his vodka and replacing it with water

The WoW Report: 50 years ago "Valley of the Dolls" arrived in theaters

Page Six: "Christmas Story" star reveals how much he still makes off the holiday classic

The Arizona Republic: This season's "Bachelor" is from Scottsdale, Ariz.

Gay Star News: Sally Ride is getting her own postage stamp next year

Gr8er Days: Inside Kirk Douglas's 101st birthday bash

Deep Dish: If Santa were a 1970s porn star

The Film Experience: The all-female "Oceans 8" awaits

Deadline: Jim Parsons options Michael Ausiello's "Spoiler Alert: The Hero Dies"

It's Either Sadness or Euphoria: A review of Meg Gardiner's novel "Into the Black Nowhere"

Greg in Hollywood: Charlie Carver joins the all-star cast of Broadway revival of "Boys in the Band"

JoeMyGod: People can "still send emails" today, so that proves the net neutrality "hysteria" was stupid, says FCC chair

Matthew's Island of Misfit Toys: Miscellaneous underwear models in skimpy briefs

OMG Blog: Lenny Kravitz talks about the time his dong said hello at a show

The Randy Report: Rumors flying that Speaker of the House Paul Ryan will leave Congress next year

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