Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Is PupSocks a Scam?

Is PupSocks legitmate or a scam? I guess it depends on what you mean by "scam." I ordered socks for my niece and nephew on Dec. 6, 2017. According to the site, this should have allowed more than enough time for Christmas delivery. But after quickly responding to my initial customer-service request where I needed to correct an address, the company went dead silent. Dead. Weeks went by and the status of my order remained "Processing." 

When it got to Dec. 20 -- about the last day I could possibly still buy my young family members alternate gifts that could arrive in time for Christmas -- I again reached out only to be brushed off, with sort of a tacit threat that writing to them again was only delaying the response to my first email. (The threat also sounds made-up as I don't see how a separate request could send the initial one "back to our inbox.")

Finally on Christmas Eve they emailed to say my niece and nephew would not -- surprise! -- be receiving their Christmas presents on time. The letter from "Zach" says they want to "apologize that we have not been able to handle the holiday rush the way we hoped" but then seems to bend itself into a pretzel to accept no responsibility for the screw-up. (I guess it's the fault of "The View" for featuring PupSocks's fabulous product on TV and the customers for sending those pesky 3,000 emails a day.) Today is Boxing Day (Dec. 26) and I still have received no notice that the items have shipped. The site still says "Processing" and my order is above 150,000, so this message contains zero guidance other than the fact that it would appear the socks won't even ship by Friday. (Maybe I could make this their birthday presents -- A.J. was born in August and Ally in October.) Is PupSocks a scam? So far I have no reason to believe it's not.

UPDATE: I guess I'm not alone.


uwyoalum said...

Cancel the order and dispute the charges with your credit card.

DrGaellon said...

I have no desire to defend this company, but there is a scenario in which a follow-up email could move you to the end of the queue. It's entirely fixable from their end, and represents poor customer service, but if they have configured their email client to only show the most recent communication from you, sending a new message puts today's date on top of the prior email, making it look like you're much further down in the queue. As I said, this is terrible customer service and terrible IT, but it would explain the BS.

Unknown said...

There is a Facebook group with 100s of other customers who are/have experienced same problems with gopupsocks.com.

Bianca Arellano said...

Ugh I’m in the same boat! I ordered 4 pairs on Dec 17- and now the tracking order feature won’t work on their website after it said “Processing” for who knows how long- in addition their customer service email is no longer working and the domain pupsocks.com is gone... sketchy

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