Thursday, December 28, 2017

Hunks of 'House Hunters'

When I first saw this episode of "House Hunters" was set in Holly, Mich., I almost told Damian to delete it as I only like to watch the ones filmed in the Detroit area. Turns out Holly is actually in the same county where I was born and raised -- oops -- but is just a small town with lots of houses on huge lots of land (as opposed to the tract housing I grew up in). 

But even if it hadn't turned out to be in Oakland County, my interest was piqued the second I laid eyes on Mike, a big (tattooed) daddy with his own heating and cooling business. (The heating part certainly sounds plausible.) 

Like most Michigan men, he's obsessed with his boat and being near "the lake," wherever that is.

He and his (second? third?) wife, Nicole -- whom he met at a "cheeseburger festival" and does the books for his business -- were looking for a big house to accommodate their newly blended family, which features two pre-existing daughters on each side of the aisle.

Because Mike lives in Michigan, his wardrobe is more Walmart than XS v-neck T-shirts from American Apparel ...

But that didn't stop Damian from taking dozens of photos, the rest of which you can enjoy HERE.

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jaragon said...

Looks like he has plenty of bacon to put on her cheese burger