Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Doug Jones Wins Alabama Senate Race

Black folks: Thank you for bailing out stupid white folks’ asses again.

The Moore, the merrier ...

And what's going on behind the state’s new Democratic senator here?

UPDATE: That's the new senator's openly gay son, Carson Jones -- a zookeeper who is not shy on social media!


edmcan said...


Cosmo Tupper said...

What a relief! Whew!

jaragon said...

Good news for a change

mike/ said...

ummm... does anyone know who the tall cutie with the beard behind him is? he was often on stage behind him in photos.

mike/ said...

Found him! He's Senator-Elect Doug Moore's son, Carson. He's working on an advanced degree in Zoo & Aquarium Management in Colorado - he want to be a zookeeper! And he's gay!


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