Friday, November 03, 2017

She Said, But Then He Said ...

Great insight from my pal Michael Goff, whom I (jokingly) labeled a "Spacey apologist" for having more to say about the situation than "KEVIN SPACEY BAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Michael Goff
Wow, things sure seem to move faster when a man or men do the accusing--even a gay man or men, it seems. A few possible reasons...
A. HE'S A MONSTER Spacey is clearly awful and this is a long time coming, but it takes a lot of women a lot longer when they come forward to answer all the questions no one is asking these men.
B. HOMO PANIC Maybe they've moved quickly because as men themselves, it's homosexual panic and there are a bunch of men scared that they might be attacked and, uh...treated like they treat women, or think about treating women? It's the root of a lot of homophobia.
C. COMPLICIT Maybe this is happening so quickly because so many involved have known this to be true with Spacey, and didn't care until it went public like this because it is man on man.
D. CONSPIRATOR Or maybe they are guilty of the same things at the same parties and are concern trolling to throw off the dogs. Or at the very least many of these folks are entirely complicit.
If i had heard talk of this than many people who are actually close to or part of it all knew more.
Frankly in the gay demimonde, with males being are allowed agency and initiative when it comes to sexual prowess, along with the many damaged men of all ages, i would say that --while still a small number and not likely in the Spacey case -- that some of these cases might end up less clear with more blurred power and consent.
I don't question the men accusing Kevin Spacey. I don't question the complexity of any of it. But how can anyone not notice that this has played out differently and it sure seems like women have to do a whole lot more to be believed and taken seriously.

Read the Towleroad piece HERE.


Cobalt said...

Kenneth (are you Ken?),

I think the rapid response to the Spacey scandal is directly due to the Weinstein scandal. Everyone seems to be moving quickly now to try to get these events out of the news cycle as quickly as possible. So while I agree that misogyny was a huge factor in the glacial movement to hold Weinstein accountable, I don’t think the male privilege of his victims has played that big a role in Spacey’s ongoing demise. It’s more the increasing industry-wide scandal and the need to save face.

JimmyD said...

Great break down.
I agree with Cobalt. It would have probably played out differently a year ago. Six months ago.

jaragon said...

If you are a victim of rape there is no such thing as "male privilege"

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