Tuesday, November 07, 2017

Remains of the Day (11/07)

The Daily News: Rosie O'Donnell is dating a woman 22 years her junior

Towleroad: Gay adult film actor missing after boyfriend is found stabbed to death in San Francisco apartment

Hunk du Jour: I guess we know he's got sausage on the menu

Read HERE.

Queerty: How did Charlie Hunnam get the nickname "12 Inch"?

Dawn Ennis: The dirty little secrets Queerty doesn't want you to know

Kevin Sessums: The writer's site has been relaunched as SessumsMagazine.com

Boy Culture: Remembering Tom of Finland

Paper: Ed Westwick, who played an attempted rapist on "Gossip Girl,"  is the latest actor accused of rape

The New York Times: The members of Congress receiving the most N.R.A. funding

OMG Blog: Model and USF football player Ryan Hintze bares all

The Film Experience: First image from "The Post," Steven Spielberg's new film about journalists' decision to report on the classified Pentagon Papers

D-Listed: The full "50 Shades Freed" trailer is here

Curbed New York: Central Park's first statue dedicated to historic women will honor two suffragettes

Deep Dish: I like when a man wears nothing but a towel and a mustache

Outsports: Robbie Rogers retires, leaving zero out gay men in American pro team sports

Greg in Hollywood: Russell Tovey's best friend is one lucky dog

JoeMyGod: Scotland apologizes for gay sex convictions

Kitty of the Day: This little critter sure reminds me of someone!


jaragon said...

Brad Davis was a beautiful and talented actor his death from AIDs was a tragic loss. Who doesn't want to trade places with Mr Tovey's pooch? Love the crazy kitty

Deep Dish said...

Thanks for the Dish link!

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