Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Song of the Day: The Theme From 'Phyllis'

As Damian and I work out way through the entire run of "Rhoda," I'm more heartbroken than ever that "Phyllis" doesn't seem to be available to watch anywhere. If you secretly recorded every episode and need help/funding digitizing them, please get in touch. I would do just about anything to watch Mother Dexter is action again -- she was the grandmother I never had as a child!


Look what I just bought! I'm excited, although I have to say that the old saying that buying a book is the best excuse for not reading it holds true for DVDs, too. I bought "James at 15" from this same seller a decade ago and have only watched one. And after digging into my "Maude" box set I got for my birthday last year, it's fallen by the wayside now that we've found "Rhoda" and "The Golden Girls" streaming. Is putting a DVD in the tray really that hard, or is it psychological because I own it and know it's always available?!


Unknown said...

Here you go:

Kenneth M. Walsh said...

Just ordered, thanks!

Unknown said...

They seem to have a lot of things you can’t get anywhere else. Hope it’s good quality. Haven’t bought from them yet

Ruddigore said...

I've seen "Phyllis" in syndication over the years but I didn't remember the kneeling chorus boys in blackface at the beginning of the opening credits. The clip is taken from the end of the "Waiting for the Robert E. Lee" sequence of "Babes on Broadway": I hope to see a Mother Dexter report in the near future.

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