Friday, October 20, 2017

Oh, Mickey -- You Just Blew My Mind

Have found myself in a dysfunctional relationship with Sam Fox, the character played by Pamela Adlon on the FX show "Better Things." Sam is essentially Louis C.K. on "Louie" -- only butcher and (somehow) more unlikable. But because she has three daughters, the mom aspect always manages to pull me back in -- flawed moms are my favorite -- so it's pretty much my favorite "new" show. (It's actually on Season 2, which we figured out by watching the second premiere and being really confused.)

And as if the mock funeral she made her daughters throw for her last night wasn't enough -- did I mention her character was flawed? -- Robert Michael Morris, aka Mickey Deane, Valerie Cherish's hairdresser and confidant, appeared briefly as a bar friend of Sam's. (Morris died in May at 77.) If you're wondering if anyone was crying by the end, "I'm It!"

I'm guessing this was his swan song ...

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Anonymous said...

Thank you for writing this. You weren't the only one misting up following this episode. Hell, I was already a mess midway through Pam's wake (pun intended). Seeing who the dedication was to and who he was in the episode so fittingly named just sealed it for me. Your essay on it was important, man. He died in May. I really had no idea. Thanks again for writing such a nice eulogy of your own.

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