Saturday, October 14, 2017

Calling Out Gay Gate-Keepers in Hollywood for Sexual Harassment

Boy Culture wrote up charged posts by Ronnie Kroell, who made a name for himself in LGBT circles on the reality show "Make Me a Supermodel," and filmmaker Duncan Roy, who take gay Hollywood to task for its problem with sexual harassment, with Roy going so far as to name Bryan Singer, Bruce Weber, Terry Richardson.

Sexual harassment is obviously wrong in all of its forms. And I think it's valuable for male victims to speak out in solidarity. But while these entertainment-related abuses of power may be equally ruinous for men and women when it comes to their careers, I don't think it's apples to apples as far as trauma for male and female victims. Women are a thousand times more vulnerable physically. And the threat of rape or bodily harm -- and actual rape and bodily harm -- is a far cry from having your ass pinched at a party or a crude proposition, however wrong those also are.

No, this isn't a pissing contest. But sometimes I think it's important to keep things in perspective -- and male privilege is something women would kill for in these scenarios.


jo gerardo said...

I went out once with this "guy" in college, forty years ago. After the date, we went to his place where he begged to fuck me. I said no and he threw me on the floor and started to grind on top of me. I told him I was going home and he punched me in the face. Even though he was bigger, I lifted him off me and left. I've sometimes wondered what would have happened if I hadn't been able to overpower him. I never told anyone.
Months later, I was talking to one of my T.A.s, guy came up and interrupted our conversation in an outlandishly femme voice and manner. The T.A. asked how we knew each other. Guy coyly replied, "Oh, we dated!". I said, "Actually, he tried to rape me after our first and last date." Guy's facade withered, he slinked away and I never saw him again.

barryearle said...

I think the thing to keep in perspective is that unwanted sexual advances are not okay, no matter homosexual or heterosexual. And playing the power card is no different no matter the sexual orientation of the people involved. Plus, anal rape by one male on another has always been about power and humiliation. So, I don't think drawing fine lines between hetero and homo harassment does anyone any favors. It's wrong behavior any time, any where.

Bill Carter said...

Unfortunately, Rettenmund devotes much of the item to claims by Duncan Roy, and identifies him only as a filmmaker. Roy has had a long and fascinating career, but he's best known as an imposter and a con man.

In 2003, The Evening Standard published a jaw-droppingly good article about his exploits. (From the article: 'Roy has been described in print as "a snob, a bully, psychotic, psychopathic, dangerous, a liar, tenacious, paranoid and isolated" as well as "disruptive", "amoral", "a bully" and "a ratbag".') The article really is a Must Read.

You can judge his credibility for yourself.

Michael Diamond said...

I agree with you mostly. A lot of harassment to young men in Hollywood goes far beyond ass pinching unfortunately. Many are forced into wanton sexual aggression from strip teases, to forced nude hot tubbing to blowjobs or sex for an opportunity to elevate their careers. Such accusations have been thrown in Bryan Singer's direction for years. Some speculate this trauma is what brought Corey Haim down.

jaragon said...

Corey Haim was the victim of a well known Hollywood character who still active in the industry. And yes some guys can overpower a male rapist but what if there is more than one? Bryan Singer's career seemed to have survived the scandal about his infamous pool parties in which young men were coerced into sex for a chance to be in the movies or tv.

Kenneth M. Walsh said...


the quality or fact of being greater in number, quantity, or importance.
"the preponderance of women among older people"
synonyms: prevalence, predominance, dominance

Didn't say it was impossible.

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