Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Regarding Alexander Skarsgard's Mustache at the Emmys

Another thing I missed at Sunday's Emmys was Alexander Skarsgard's mustache, which apparently reviewed mixed reviews. While it's a tad on the thin side, I agree with Clark Walker, the senior barber at Fellow Barber in NYC who told Men's Health: "I loved it. I approve. Even if it was a little thin, he trimed it the right way to make it look thicker." 

While you know I approve of a mustache, it doesn't always look great as it’s coming in. The expert has tips.

“I like to grow out the beard,” Walker says, “and then chop it down so there’s not so much attention on a bad mustache.” Give the beard a few weeks to grow in fully, and at the point you would normally clean it up, lose it all together and just leave the stache ...

and pray you look like this.

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jaragon said...

It looks nice on him

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