Friday, September 22, 2017

Meet the Iraqi-Gay-American Zakar Twins

Michael and Zach Zakar (long hair) -- whom I briefly met through mutual friends in all of our native Detroit years ago when they were just out of high school -- tell Daniel Tosh on the season premiere of "Tosh 0" that they will never visit their parents' homeland because they'll "be stoned as soon as we get off the plane!" (Ha ha ha ... wait, that's actually the truth.) They're hoping their social-media presence and an upcoming memoir about their coming out -- which included a mother who force fed them “holy grapes” she had blessed by a priest, determined to “de-gay” them -- will help change perceptions of LGBT people in the Arabic world. Here's to that.

Watch the guys have a manty raid with Daniel Tosh below ...

View more of the twins' videos HERE.


The Polar Beast said...

The comedian is not funny. 9/11 jokes are wrong.

Kenneth M. Walsh said...

@The Polar Beast: He's a big deal but he's not for everyone.

jaragon said...

I love the way Tosh will do anything for a laugh

The Polar Beast said...

"I like the way Tosh will do anything for a laugh."

Is that in the same way that you like Trump doing anything for attention like threatening nuclear war?

When you distill it down, there is no difference between the two men. They both get attention by crossing appropriate boundaries. That is not adult behavior.

9/11 was a horrific day and when you start joking about it, you lose the big lesson at the heart of it.

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