Wednesday, September 06, 2017

Just One Day Out of Life

Not entirely sure what happened here. I blogged about Dennis Hensley and Nadya Ginsburg's must-see short film called "If We Took a Holiday" back in 2014. But three years later, the hilarious story of a gay man who gets his best gal pal -- who happens to do a mean Madonna impersonation -- to stay in character as the excruciatingly self-conscious Queen of Pop for 24 hours for his birthday has suddenly gone viralish. Bravo, World Wide Web. The more people who see this mini-masterpiece the better!


Look who's on the new cover of People! Read HERE.

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Viral-ish! Love it! Sometimes it just takes a while for people to notice. We truly appreciate your shout out to us and our little movie that could/should/will!

Glenn, Nadya and Dennis

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