Monday, September 04, 2017

Happy Labor Day!

Hope you're enjoying your weekend -- brought to you by the labor movement.

"And what have our unions done? What do they aim to do? To improve the standard of life, to uproot ignorance and foster education, to instill character, manhood and independent spirit among our people; to bring about a recognition of the interdependence of man upon his fellow man. We aim to establish a normal work-day, to take the children from the factory and workshop and give them the opportunity of the school and the play-ground. In a word, our unions strive to lighten toil, educate their members, make their homes more cheerful, and in every way contribute an earnest effort toward making life the better worth living." -- Samuel Gompers, 1912

1 comment:

jaragon said...

Can he drop by my house and do some "laboring"...

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