Saturday, August 05, 2017

Vegas Time Cher

Half Armenian, full goddess 

Had no idea Cher was still performing in Las Vegas, so you can imagine my delight when my friend Mark picked me up at the airport on Friday and told me we were going to see Ms. Sarkisian-Bono-Allman later that night along with fellow quinquagenarians JR, Nina and Brad, plus Mark's sisters Lois and Sue (in from Detroit).

Cher may not know how to turn back time, but she comes pretty close

Although the concert was a smidge too contemporary to live up to its "Classic Cher" billing -- you don't perform songs from your most recent album and film then turn around and do a medley of two of your oldest hits ("Gypsys, Tramps and Thieves" and "Dark Lady") and a truncated version of another ("Half Breed") if this is truly meant to be a "classic" experience -- it was nonetheless a delight from beginning to end thanks to its star's trademark wit, classic storytelling and a voice that is in fine form six decades into the business. (The set design was also spectacular as were the backup dancers.) Cher turned 71 in May and it's obvious why she has no choice but to repeatedly come out of retirement: this legend was born to entertain.

Best moments: Unforgettable "duet" of "I Got You, Babe" with Sonny Bono (Nat/alie Cole-style) and a rousing -- full-length -- version of her disco classic "Take Me Home."

Catch Cher before she "retires" again ...

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