Thursday, August 03, 2017

Page 1 Roundup (08/03)

The Daily News: Trump wants to crack down on LEGAL immigration 

Good luck ...

The New York Post: In Breakthrough, Scientists Edit a Dangerous Mutation From Genes in Human Embryos 

The New York Times: Under Trump, a Hollowed-Out Force in Syria Quickly Lost C.I.A. Backing 

The Wall Street Journal: Millennials Unearth an Amazing Hack to Get Free TV: the Antenna


Curious George said...

This will sound bad because I'm for immigration. But, are Americans just too stupid to learn to become doctors, nurses and scientists?

Kenneth M. Walsh said...

The hyperbolic answer is "yes."

The truthful answer is Americans may not be too dumb, but the majority of medical professionals are immigrants or the children of immigrants, so cutting the number in half seems very foolish to me.

Which is to say nothing of the overall labor force ...

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