Tuesday, August 01, 2017

Fox News Concocted Fake Seth Rich Story With Oversight From White House, Lawsuit Alleges

  It just never ends, folks. An explosive new lawsuit filed Tuesday alleges the White House worked with Fox News and a wealthy Republican donor to push a false story about the murder of Democratic National Committee staffer Seth Rich ...

 a demonstrably fake news item Trump BFF Sean Hannity has been at the center of since the get-go. Trump is the king of projection, so the minute he started to constantly say fake news I knew it meant he was involved in creating it. (Big shocker: This one attempts to dim the light on collusion with Russia and casts Hillary as the bad guy.) Read HERE.

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THIS should come as a surprise to no one. #obstructionofjustice #housedoesnotcare


Anonymous said...

if trump's involvement with junior's misleading press statement was ultimately what created legal problems for the family, it would be poetic justice. however; in light of what's already been overlooked by republicans, i've given up all hope of impeachment by this gop-controlled congress weeks ago.

SFRowGuy said...

And the WH Press Secretary is saying (according to the news) "This what any father would do." Really? Umm, no. I'm an adult, and while my father was alive, I would _NOT_ expect him to talk for me, or feed me what I should say to the press, the police, a lawyer or congress (especially under oath). (So, the Donald was actually telling his son to lie? That's right Donald, keep digging that hole.)

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