Friday, August 18, 2017

A Ginger Topic

A little history lesson about one of my favorite spots in all of New York City -- brought to you by one of my favorite gingers in New York City!

Andrew Glaszek writes:
If one really wants to look to the Revolutionary War for precedent ...  
"In 1794 the City Council changed the designation of streets and places with British names in order to reflect American independence. Nonetheless, the name of Abingdon Square was preserved, because the Earl and his wife had sympathized with the American patriots, and he had argued in Parliament against British policy in the colonies." ... which later allowed space for a memorial to WWI Doughboys and those lost from the local area to "ever remind us of the high purposes of a free nation and be a summons to follow the flag that gives to all beneath its protecting folds the right to life, liberty and pursuit of happiness. Of all who went forth at the call of their country, none brought more lustre to the shield of America than the men from this quarter of our city, of which Abingdon Square is the center."  
That's how it's done.
UPDATE: Here's another: Future president, guys?

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chuckintucson said...

Couldn't agree more, Ken. I'd love to see another Kennedy in the White House.

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