Thursday, July 13, 2017

Wimbledon Memories

Damian and I attended our first Wimbledon last Friday, springing for one of the "Wimbledon Experience" packages -- arranged by the tournament's official tours provider -- because we didn't want to risk going all the way to London and not getting in during our short stay. 

Although the markup is astronomical, the peace of mind was priceless. And once we got inside the hospitality suite -- divided between the Gatsby Club and the Plebeian Area (guess which one we could barely afford!) -- it was fun having a Continental breakfast and posing for a cheeky photo before heading across the street to the All England Lawn Tennis and Croquet Club, as no one calls it. 

The first thing that made us do a gay gasp was seeing the balcony where the champions come out with their trophies afterward to greet their subjects. 

From there we took a quick selfie outside Centre Court, where Chris Evert Lloyd (and I, from far away) shed so many tears, thanks to Martina.  

I was so in awe of being there that I immediately texted my best friend from Arizona, Greg, whom I met when we had to play against each other when we were about 13 or so. The first thing he asked was, "Is it as you expected?"

"Yes and no," I responded. "It's more similar to the others than I expected, but regal and steeped in tradition, as I thought."

Like the strawberries and cream and Pimm's ...

which I'm still not sure what it is, but I know it tasted good -- they actually have ICE for it! -- and that I had a nice buzz for the first hour we were there!

 They serve them uncut over there 

Paying our respects to the fans who had to endure this one!

 The Wimbledon Experience included free entry into the museum ...

where I all but sexually assaulted this photograph ...

while Damian fantasized about Rafa holding The Cup once more. 

as I attempted to steal Our Ginny's pink sweater that she wore after winning the ladies' crown 40 years ago (I was devastated that she beat Chris in the semis, but can appreciate it now!).

Making my mark ...

Mostly Red

by being the most sun-burned person ... in BRITAIN! (Anyone else fry easily but still refuse to wear sunscreen? I just can't stand slathering or spraying anything on my skin!) 

I'm still pinching myself that we actually went. Now when I watch on TV I have a totally different perspective -- although some views are better seen in person. 


grapecherry said...

So glad you made it!

RJ6040 said...

Thanks for sharing highlights of your amazing trip! Jealous here!