Thursday, July 20, 2017

Song of the Day: 'I Surrender, Dear' by Madonna and Jennifer Grey

This adorable photo from the set of"Bloodhounds of Broadway" popped up on the AIDS Memorial Instagram account, which made me think of the Madonna-Jennifer Grey duet from Howard Brookner's film.

Just married ...

Also led me to realize Tony Azito, who is seen in the photo and played a waiter in the film, was the man who played Pat Benatar's husband in Marcus Reichert's "Union City," in which another blond pop star let her hair go dark for art.

According to Barry L. Kramer's "Behind Union City," Tony and Pat's young couple -- Jeanette and Alphonse Florescu -- were to have played a more substantial role in the film before the final edit.

But the photos of their new romance live on ...

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