Wednesday, July 26, 2017

RIP: Francisco's Centro Vasco and French Roast (Downtown)

Everyone's buzzing about the end of French Roast on Sixth Avenue. But I've learned that Francisco's Centro Vasco, a Spanish staple on 23rd Street in Chelsea for 35 years, is also permanently closed. (The outgoing message on their machine is pretty heartbreaking.) I remember going there for a friend's work anniversary -- I think we got to go after 10 years (mine was at the Redeye Grill) -- and falling in love with the place, with its old-world charm and delicious lobster (that I didn't have to pay for). Although I know I'm part of the problem -- I'm constantly hungry so have a hard time spending much money on a meal when I know I'll need to eat again in an hour -- it's always sad to see a longtime neighbor leave.

UPDATE: As of Aug. 7, the place is open again. I think they were just looking for attention.

UPDATE 2: As of Oct. 20, the restaurant is "officially" closed for good ... AGAIN.

Meanwhile, it's true what they said about French Roast. Although it was not quite at the Florent levels, the clientele was truly eclectic (something about the all-night hours, perhaps). I remember going there with a bunch of strangers I met on the street during Pride in '98 or '99 -- and more recently with my beau. Yet another huge loss for the Village. No official cause of death listed for either establishments, but we can gue$$ why. Read HERE.

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