Sunday, July 02, 2017

Postcard From Deutschland

Nary a bachelorette to be found in this great little dive bar in Munich called Edelheiss(!), which I've dubbed das Julius' of Bavaria. (Germans know how to make beer, guys -- none of that hoppy craft crap.) We started our day (after flying all night) with a somber visit to the concentration camp in Dachau -- a model for the others -- that was as humbling as it was horrifying. (Everything I've read about the atrocities that went on in these camps paled with what we learned.) Then after a nice nap we roamed the cobblestone streets of the gayborhood before grabbing an overdue bite to eat at Glochenbach then landing here for some cold ones and some local flavor. My mother's maternal family hails from Hanover (the Spangenbergs/Reineckees) and the German colony of Norka in Russia (the Rosses/Döringises) -- is that why I feel so at home, despite not speaking a word?  We're off to see Ludwig II's most gay-fabulous castles tomorrow -- hope everyone has a great Montag!

Paying our respects 

Stonewall east

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Anonymous said...

Dachau is not the type of place you enjoy, but it's the type of place you're glad you went. As you said, it's both humbling and horrifying. Were you there at 3pm for the large bell that rings in memoriam? It rings for what seems like a very long time and while, to be honest, I was ready for it to stop, I just stood and stared at it, listening as if each ring was another dead person, and completely unable to walk away.

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