Thursday, July 27, 2017

Page 1 Roundup (07/27)

The Daily News: President Trump announces transgender military service ban on Twitter, but has no plan set up for it (my guess is he didn't realize there were already about 15,000 serving)

The New York Times: Not only did Trump not consult with anyone in the military, he blindsided his own defense secretary 

The Washington Post: Growing GOP backlash on transgender ban underscores Trump’s miscalculation

USA Today: Every major daily in the U.S. put the transgender military ban out front, except these two:

The Wall Street Journal: WSJ buried the story in A3, while ...

The New York Post continued its assault on the city's Democratic governor over a photo-op


jaragon said...

DeBlasio and El Trumpo are both idiots

Kenneth M. Walsh said...

@jaragon: Not comparable in any way whatsoever, though.

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