Thursday, July 20, 2017

Hunks of 'House Hunters'

Damian and I got into watching "House Hunters" while we were spending time with my brother Bill on Capitol Hill after his cancer diagnosis. Now that Bill is no longer with us, I still kind of enjoy watching it for sentimental reasons. Recently we got a new DVR -- one that essentially has an endless amount of storage space, as opposed to its predecessor that constantly forced me to make Sophie's choice between "Mary Tyler Moore" reruns and new episodes of "On the Case With Paula Zahn" -- so began taping "House Hunters" on our own. We quickly found HGTV shows it often enough that we could get more than 200 of 'em -- plus the international and renovation spinoffs -- and while watching a couple a night we started to realize there must be a gay guy working in the casting department. Although I should have starting taking photos of all of the hot men the second I realized what was going on -- and there's definitely something going on, what with all of the "former jocks" who appear! -- enough Grade A beef has been on the prowl for a new property for me to have a backlog, the first of which I bring you today as part of my new series -- the Hunks of "House Hunters"!

Perhaps not surprisingly, Damian and I quickly learned the first rule of "House Hunters" is that the gay couples are almost never hot. (The straight guys, however ...)

So that's why I decided to kick things off less homophobically with this guy, who was described as this chick's "best friend" ...

Kind of like when my brother Bill tracked down (on Facebook) our babysitter from the early '70s -- a Marcia Brady lookalike who lived next door -- who used to watch us after my mom had to go back to work when she divorced my dad. "Oh, I remember Cheryl," Mom said as she turned to me. "You two were gal pals."

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Shawn Cullen said...

How to tell a great episode of "Househunters":

1) Within the first 5 minutes of watching, you react to a statement made by one of the house hunters with "What a bitch!"

2) Within the first 10 minutes of watching, you remark of the wife on the episode "Does she know her husband is gay?"

3) The house hunters make a huge deal out of wanting "space to entertain" and then at the end of the episode, their house warming consists of them, their realtor, a few random relatives, some wine and two sad platters of crackers and cheese.

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