Monday, July 24, 2017

Harvey Gets Physical

For those who have kindly asked, Harvey is alive and well -- although he was none too pleased that we went away this weekend after having already ditched him for our European vacation. Our one-year adoptiversary wasn't too long ago, so we took him in for a check-up this morning, eager to see how he'd act at the office. He's so rambunctious around our apartment -- loves anyone who comes over, always tries to hang out in the hallways -- that we figured he'd be a big ham for the vet and her staff. But he was pretty shy at first, wanting to stay close to his carrier (that he inherited from Larry) and his fathers. Eventually we got him to come out of his shell, and he charmed the socks off of everyone, purring nonstop through the examination, vaccinations, claw trimmings -- those things were sharp! -- insertion of a microchip and having blood drawn. (OK, we didn't see that last one, and the technician said he did let out a disapproving growl, which we would have killed to have heard since he's always so happy!) 

Dr. Lang thought it was very "fancy" of him to wear a tux to his physical. And she said he appears to be in excellent health -- she was very impressed by his pearly fangs although she said at 15.1 pounds he might want to cut back on the in-between-meal dry food (ouch!) -- and we will get his blood-work results tomorrow. 

Dr. Lang, Harvey's white socks and my new Wimbledon umbrella

Big Boy Alert!

Now wait'll Harvey finds out I'm going to Arizona at the end of the month to check in on my mom and then to Vegas to celebrate turning 50 with four other friends who were born during the summer of love! 

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DrGaellon said...

My husband also turns 50 this year, and we are also going to Vegas to celebrate with his friends (over Rosh HaShana weekend).

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