Thursday, July 13, 2017

(Ball) Boys II Men

I approve of the hemlines on the shorts this year

Damian and I were fortunate enough to see Venus Williams and Johanna Konta's third-round matches on Friday at Wimbledon, and had a feeling they were both headed deep into the draw.

Today's semifinal showdown mostly lived up to the hype -- and it was a rare occasion that I would be happy with either player winning, although I was rooting a bit harder for Venus. But despite the excitement of it all -- Venus was hitting the ball VERY hard -- for some reason we were having a hard time focusing on the match.

In the end, Venus came out on top. She now faces a resurgent GarbiƱe Muguruza, who now has the distinction of being the only women to play both Williams sisters in a Wimbledon final. Again, I'll be OK with either outcome. But being reminded that Venus has been in 15 previous Grand Slam finals --and has only lost to one other person (Martina Hingis, in her first) besides Serena (to whom she's lost seven) -- really makes me want her to win her eighth, which would be an unbelievable 17-year gap between her first and most recent!

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