Sunday, June 25, 2017

Unitard Returns to Joe's Pub on June 28

Mike Albo (front), David Ilku and Nora Burns

I caught the premiere performance of NYC comedy trio Unitard's residency at Joe's Pub -- Tard Core: There Are No Safe Words -- in May and strongly recommend you get your ass over to Joe's Pub for the June 28 followup. (Final performance on July 28.) The set is littered with all sorts of hilarious topical bits about politics, gender, glasses of wine that cost more than a bottle and the hyper-gentrification of the city. What makes Unitard's brand of humor so perfect is that they're just as willing to poke fun at blasé New Yorkers who swear the city was "so much better" when you had to risk being murdered every time you left the house to buy a quart of milk as they are people who moved here (because of "Sex and the City") and are willing to wait in line for four hours for a $22 cake pop. I'm a big fan of Mike Albo having seen his brilliant one-man shows "The Junket" and "Spermhood" and Nora Burns from her critically acclaimed (and heartrending) "David's Friend." But it's bonus 'tard David Ilku (a member of the Dueling Bankheads with whom I was not as familiar) who all but steals the show with his Home Shopping Network bit, which stings harder than a regrettable impulse purchase featuring Dr. Sebagh's patented melon extract you made at 3 in the morning after a bad breakup. 

Tickets HERE.

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Anonymous said...

cue the latest social media backlash and outrage over the insensitive use of the label "unitard" to stereotype and inappropriately describe a type of fashion-challenged one-piece clothing...

p.s. they look like a fun group!