Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Song of the Day: 'I'm Coming Out' by Diana Ross

Can you guess the closet case?

During Pride weekend in Washington I told my (10-years-younger) boyfriend that the standard date question when someone my age first came out was, "Do your parents know?," always asked in a somber tone in case they didn't or things hadn't gone well. So imagine my surprise yesterday when a guy I have known for 19 years -- the first few of which he worked for me (I hired him!) -- came out to me and a bunch of our former colleagues in a lighthearted group Facebook message in which he poked fun at himself for being upset that the NBA Finals preempted a new episode of his beloved "Bachelorette." (I haven't had to "come out" to anyone since, what, 1987. And I don't think anyone other than my two best friends have ever come out to me!) At first we weren't even sure what he was saying -- he's in his early 40s now and we had no real reason to even think about it now that we mostly just see each other online. But he eventually alluded to a man in his life and their buying a house, which led me to private message him my congratulations, etc. (My ex [Michael] once saw "him" coming out of Barracuda. But just like on your favorite soap, it turns out my friend really does have a twin brother, so I always assumed the twin was gay and that my friend's uncomfortable reaction to my bringing up the sighting was because I'd outed his twin!) I realize he's not someone I see regularly anymore. But nonetheless it's a strange feeling to have known someone for nearly 20 years and then have them come out to you. Like the handful of people I had to "tell" back in the day, I'm just happy that he's happy. It turns out he's been with his partner for 10 years now and his mom is pressuring him to tie the knot, which only goes to prove what we've been saying all along: Homos aren't so different from heteros, after all!

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