Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Song of the Day: 'Do Ya Wanna Funk' by Sylvester

By the man, the myth and the legend himself. And kids today think they invented gender fluidity! 


Anonymous said...

SYL-FUCKING-VESTER Needs to be brought up every year at Pride time and in between. His music was a core part of the disco experience, and a core part of Gay Pride.
He died in 1988 or The Crap that took so many.
Flash back more years than I will admit. The Stud in San Francisco, in its old location, before expansion to a 2nd room, the first bar with an amazing sound system and incredible mix tapes. Toward the front, a crowd of hippies and working guys, including Harvey Milk before he cut his hair, and me (possibly having worked late, the only man with a tie on). Leaning on the bar, farther back, Divine and Sylvester, both in guy clothes, talking and listening to the mindblowing music. In the bar, everyone at least nodded hello when we recognized a guy, nothing to do with fucking, just cameraderie. Budwiser unfortunately went up from 25 cents that year

Bob K

JimmyD said...

I have have been at Sylvester's final performance.
Scheduled to perform up at the Russian River, she made it through a few songs... like a pro... but she was so ill at the time, the show was cut short.
She died soon after.

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