Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Dazed and Bemused

Yet they say sleep apnea killed her! 

‪I keep hearing people telling everyone not to judge Carrie Fisher for relapsing, yet I haven't heard a single person actually judge her. I'm frankly happy for her. She lived way longer than she should have and she died having fun!


jaragon said...

Let her rest in peace

macguffin Fifty four said...

I think your comment would be more appropriate if she acted more like her life was joyful because of her partying rather than a constant desperate struggle to stay sane and alive. Just my two cents.

Kenneth M. Walsh said...

@Macguffin: Yeah, your point is well-taken. You could be right. I guess I always had the feeling she felt like she should want to be sober -- and knew it would keep her from dying -- but because of her chemistry always needed something else, which I thought she enjoyed.

Peter Maria said...

I'm not really sure it was joyful. I have a lot of personal and professional experience with self-medicating, and not only does it not (usually) work, the self-medicators are often aware that it doesn't work. Rather, it can be the lesser of two evils; a temporary relief that ends with an exacerbation of the problem.

And how I hate this horrible practice of releasing such information in the first place. It's nobody's goddamned business. I haven't read any of the articles, because I don't want to give them the clicks, but the headlines certainly give the main information away. "In her system" can mean a lot of things. Some drugs, thanks to the vagaries of our metabolism, can be found "in (someone's) system" for quite a while, but we are no longer under their influence. Hair follicles are the worst, by the way, for any recreational users out there (and don't think you can show up for your test bald; the hair can and will be taken from anywhere), so you'll need a full body commitment.)

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