Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Bohemian Hotel 17 Closes Up Shop

The beloved Hotel 17 near Gramercy Park is closed for good, the victim of New York's never-ending obsession with greed. Read what being able to live there among the artists and drag queens of yesteryear meant to one newbie artist back in the day HERE.

Woody Allen filmed his reunion with Diane Keaton there ...

 and Madonna is rumored to have crashed there back in the day, before returning as a superstar for a shoot with photographer Bettina Rheims.

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Not Even a Fan said...

Stayed there many years ago... worst night ever. Room I had booked well in advance with AC (this was in August) unavailable upon arrival so spent 1 sleepless night then found a proper hotel. It was literally like a scene from a bad movie...!