Thursday, May 25, 2017

Get Ready for 'The Fabulous Allan Carr'

Jeffrey Schwarz dazzled us with "Wrangler," "I Am Divine," "Vito" and "Tab Hunter Confidential." Now I can't wait to see his latest documentary, "The Fabulous Allan Carr," about the pervy producer behind "Grease," "Can't Stop the Music" and "Grease 2," for which he handpicked an unknown Maxwell Caulfield as the lead after seeing him nearly naked playing a bisexual hustler in an off-Broadway play. 

InsideOut writes: After almost 20 years working in television and producing a string of minor b-movies, Carr finally hit the jackpot with "Grease," the highest grossing film of 1978. The subsequent money and fame made Carr the toast of Tinseltown, and his hedonistic parties, overflowing with cocaine and beautiful blond boys, were the place to be. But his success led to a string of disastrous career decisions—including "Grease 2," "Where the Boys Are," the Village People flop and the Oscars debacle—and it all came crashing down around him. 

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Q: Allan Carr was one of the ringleaders of 1970s gay debauchery, it seems, and while an entire documentary series could be made about that aspect of his life, what we see of it in this film is enough to give us strong impressions of how much fun he had, and how much pleasure he brought into other people’s lives. 

A: This is a feature film, after all, and as such must be an overview, to a certain extent, but it’s telling that certain sections of the film are so well executed that they made me long for deeper dives.

Read John Boucher's full interview with Jeffrey Schwarz HERE.

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