Tuesday, May 09, 2017

Gay Real Estate Broker’s Ex-Assistant Claims Her Boss Forced Her to Pick Up Drugs, Listen to Anal Sex

The Daily News delivers again, with this doozy of a story about Jared Seligman, whose clients have reportedly included James Franco, Kirsten Dunst, Tommy Hilfiger's daughter Ally and more! 
A Botox-using real estate broker tormented his personal assistant by making her listen to him having loud sex and buy him drugs, a new lawsuit alleges.  
Douglas Elliman's Jared Seligman — who "reigns among the highest producing brokers in Manhattan and within the Country," according to the firm — hired Amy Gagnon in May 2016.  
When she took the job, Gagnon knew working as a personal assistant to a well-heeled broker would mean "putting up with indignities that most people never have to experience” — but hoped it would help her break into the industry.  
“What Ms. Gagnon did not know, and could not possibly anticipate, is that the price she was asked to pay in exchange for this experience would require her to partake in the sexual predilections and illegal activity of her boss," Gagnon's lawsuit, filed Monday in Manhattan Federal Court, alleges.

Seligman made Gagnon work from his apartment on a day his doctor was scheduled to come over “for his Botox injections," the suit says. During the appointment, Seligman allegedly told the doctor: “I want your d--- in my face' and 'Oooooh you’re so sexy,” the court documents charge. "Mr. Seligman then began to roughly grope the doctor in front of Ms. Gagnon, gabbing his crotch," court papers say. 
On another occasion, Gagnon was made to work from Seligman’s home, when a "strange man" came over. The two men then went into a bedroom and “engaged in loud and unmistakable sexual intercourse.”  
Seligman must have known Gagnon could overhear his "raucous" romp because of the close quarters “and wanted her to do so," according to her lawyers, Jeanne Christensen and Renan Varghese of Wigdor LLP. “In fact, Mr. Seligman left little doubt about his intentions when, shortly after the other man left, Mr. Seligman came out of his room wearing nothing but his bathrobe and smirked at Ms. Gagnon,” the civil complaint maintains.
Charmed, I'm sure!

Meanwhile, a Florida man accused of choking his girlfriend to death is asking to show the jury his penis as evidence that the woman died during oral sex. Read HERE.


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