Thursday, April 20, 2017

Song of the Day: 'In My World' by Lindsey Buckingham and Christine McVie

Fleetwood Mac fans rejoice! Lindsey Buckingham and (no-longer-reclusive) Christine McVie have teamed up for a new album, and if the first single is any indication, Rhino has a winner on its hands. Longtime fans might see this as the bookend to Lindsey's 1973 collaboration with the band's other grande dame, the brilliant-but-never-digitally-reissued "Buckingham Nicks." "In My World" -- of course a Lindsey song had to be released first to massage his fragile ego -- has a bit of a "Big Love" feel to it, but dare I say better. (Not as high praise as you might think -- "Big Love" always kind of rubbed me the wrong way!) The album, which includes three tracks co-written by the legendary artist, comes out June 9 and can be pre-ordered now HERE.

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Blobby said...

I pre-ordered before listening. As initial releases are usually the strongest track, I don't have high hopes for this disk. "In My World" it might have Fleetwood and McVie backing him, but it's a total solo track. IF Christing McVie appears on it at all, I don't hear her - in keyboards or vocals.

At first I chided Nicks for not joining the recording sessions. Her rationale wasn't sound, but her gut might hav been right on the money.