Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Song of the Day: 'Edelweiss' by Tanya Donelly

Damian and I got our Wimbledon tickets, but in the process of getting plane tickets realized it's just as cost-efficient to add another European capital to the itinerary as it is to fly directly to London. After flirting with Berlin, Reykjavik, Stockholm and Copenhagen -- with some time in Scotland if we stayed north enough -- we both fell in love with the idea of trying to go to Vienna instead. I've been hearing about how magical the city is since the summer of '84 when I met my friend Nina, whose mother hails from the Austrian capital -- Nina actually bailed on seeing the Style Council with me at Pine Knob to go to Vienna for the summer in '85, only to have the band scrap the tour anyway -- but I've still never been. Please speak up if you have thoughts, recommendations, etc. I believe Nina's fun cousin still lives there, who was the first person to take me to the Big Cup -- and Champs and Splash! -- in the early '90s when he was living in NYC for the summer and I was visiting from Washington!


Anonymous said...

Prague in the Czech Republic. Beautiful and at least last summer everything was super affordable. Do it!!!

Matt said...

All of the cities you have listed would make excellent stopovers. Each has their unique charms. Here is my order of preference for a quick trip:
1. Berlin - Super cosmopolitan, vibrant nightlife, gritty in a great way
2. Copenhagen - A model society, beautiful parks, a bit stiff
3. Stockholm - Smart, social and super friendly gay community
4. Vienna - A beautiful royal city steeped in history
5. Reykjavik - Remote and interesting, pretty small
Bon Voyage!

Beobachter said...

I would combine Vienna and Prague.
My husband and I flew to Vienna from London,
toured a few days, then took the train to Prague.
Prague was very affordable, and the beer was excellent.
One of the best trips we have ever taken together.

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