Thursday, April 06, 2017

Kimmel's Arresting 'Girls' Routine

From HERE.

Feeling really uncomfortable that Jimmy Kimmel is totally turning me on here -- is he allowed to be hot? But not nearly as squeamish as the final season of "Girls" has made me. Would love to hear from others who have also watched "Please Like Me" (gay Aussie comedian Josh Thomas's series) so we can compare notes on how they're the same show, each featuring one less likable and less likely character after the next, each of whom engages in more self-sabotaging behavior per episode than even my most flighty friend has in an entire lifetime. And each starring a revolting narcissist who uses their position of power to cast love interests who would never in a million years have sex -- let alone be in a relationship -- with their characters in real life! 


jaragon said...

Kimmel is hot - he looks like he could step right into a gay porn shoot

Steve said...

No, no he is not.

Bill Carter said...

I've always suspected that the charming---and, of course, gorgeous---Geoffrey was dropped as a full time cast member after the first season because Josh Thomas was tired of every single interview beginning with some variation of the question: "What's it like to kiss somebody as beautiful as Wade Briggs?"

Yeah, Thomas (the character) was often more annoying than amusing, and his various TV boyfriends were always out of his league,sometimes by miles.

(PS Until last week, I'd only seen the first season. Pivot was never available in DC, and I never felt the need to view the episodes by other means. But I spent late March in Venice, and "Please Like Me" was on Italian Netflix, so it became my late-night, go-to-sleep entertainment. I mean, what else is there to do in Venice after dark?)

Anonymous said...

"Please Like Me" is the best thing on television. It is a pretty accurate portrayal of life in your 20s, I think.

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