Monday, March 20, 2017

'Tickled' to Death

Finally got around to watching HBO's "Tickled," which to my memory was mispromoted as being a documentary about the "sport of endurance tickling" when in fact it's a chilling look at cyberbullying and homophobia. I only caved in Saturday when my friend Chad insisted it was "right up my ally," telling me it was more like "The Jinx" than anything ... and his timing couldn't have been more perfect: the filmmakers announced today that David D'Amato (aka Terri Tickle cum Jane O’Brien ) is dead at 55 (cause unknown) -- news that must come as a relief to even his closest relatives, even if the filmmakers are graciously taking the high road in their statement below. (Watch the film and you'll know why I say this.)

And don't forget to watch HBO's 20-minute followup short called "The Tickle King."


jaragon said...

Gotta watch this but I don't get the appeal of watching these guys getting tickled

Blobby said...

It was weird. I didn't know it was going to be more investigative. They wish it were like "Jinxed" - but it wasn't that well done.

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