Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Song of the Day: 'Too Up Two Down' by Haircut 100

Unlike most fans, I was completely obsessed with Haircut 100's sophomore album, which saw the guys picking up the pieces from Nick Heyward's emotional spiral out of the band. "Prime Time," "So Tired" and "Too Up Two Down" were all gem singles, and the full-length "Paint and Paint" was one of my favorite albums of 1984. But the LP was a commercial bomb, and then 20 years went by before I found myself in a position to hear it again when my friend Greg and I were finally able to transfer vinyl to digital, which led to the formation of BruisedFruitCDs

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Much to my amazement, quite a few of the albums we were sure would never see digital release have come out in the ensuring years, but sadly the labels waited so long that I doubt there's much of a market for most of them, despite what sounds like an incredible issuing of Haircut 100's overlooked release, complete with bonus disc and 20-page full-color CD booklet with interviews with the principals.

Download HERE.

Oddly, there's also a live Haircut 100 collection from that era that's recently been released. 

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