Saturday, March 18, 2017

Lucy Truce-y

As a lifelong "I Love Lucy" fan, I can remember being disgustingly fascinated watching "Here's Lucy" as a kid, as well as reruns of "The Lucy Show." Gone was the glamorous-if-past-her-prime Hollywood beauty, replaced by a chain-smoking broad who looked the mother of your fifth-grade friend whose mom had him waaaay later in life. I've always felt somewhat guilty about my repulsion -- and don't get me started on "Stone Pillow" -- only now I feel even worse knowing that Lucy feared we didn't like her anymore, either. (I take it all back, I love Lucy!) Read HERE.


Jeffery said...

She peaked with I love Lucy and what she did after wasn't that good. She knew it. I watched an episode of the other shows and she seemed to be phoning it in. It was like, I'm Lucy, I'm funny. She wasn't.

tomf-mn said...

Interesting. I hated I Love Lucy but loved The Lucy Show, especially the earlier years with Viv. Here's Lucy got corny but had its moments. Especially if one had a crush on Desi Jr. (a la Marcia Brady).

Matthew said...

LIFE WITH LUCY wasn't good, but it's ridiculous to suggest Lucille Ball phoned anything in on THE LUCY SHOW or HERE'S LUCY. Both shows had a lot of funny, even classic, moments, and lasted 6 or so years apiece.

Kenneth M. Walsh said...

@Matthew: Yeah, I didn't think the follow-up shows were bad. I was just bitchily horrified by what she became. Smoking is never one's friend, in my view.

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