Tuesday, March 21, 2017

I Like What I See's

There isn't a lot I miss about Arizona. But the opening of a See's Candies Shop in the West Village sure takes me back -- I have the dark molasses chips to thank for having a filling in every one of my back teeth!


Anonymous said...

See's is my favorite. When I used to travel to Phoenix twice a year, there were always a supply of See's milk Chocolate peppermint patties in my return trip baggage. Can only get them locally at Christmas time in a mall pop-up shop here in NC

JimmyD said...

Nice pic!
Someone told me that Bllomingdales was selling See's.
I need (NEED!) to get me a 2 lb box of Soft Centers... STAT!

Steve said...

Was just in the Phoenix area. Did not get to See's though. I grew up in California, we always had See's shops on the mall. Was not allowed to take free samples though. The rule was, if you take the sample, you have to buy something.

Myk said...

Dark molasses chips are the best!

JimmyD said...

Steve: You were lied to! The sample is suppose to be free of strings. I've known many old See's Ladies over the years!

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