Monday, March 27, 2017

Bill Walsh Editing Scholarship Announced at ACES 2017

From HERE.

Exciting news from the recent ACES conference in St. Petersburg, Fla., where my brother's receiving the 2017 Glamann Award was also made public:
The American Copy Editors Society and Jacqueline Dupree have established the Bill Walsh Scholarship, which will be awarded annually to a promising j-school student seeking to enter the news editing profession. We're seeking to endow this scholarship and hope to do so with your donation. If you loved Bill Walsh and what he did so well, please consider donating by using the link HERE.
(It's tax deductible; be sure to click the Bill Walsh box on the form.)

Also, Bill's alma mater, the University of Arizona, wrote a great tribute that you can read HERE.

Rob Pegoraro wrote a sweet blog post about Bill HERE.

And this letter to the editor in response to Bill's Washington Post obituary sure made me smile.

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