Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Trump Voters 'Stunned' to Learn the Horrible Things He Said He'd Do Are Horrible for Them, Too

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My parents raised me right, so I have compassion for people of all walks of life. So it's ironic that having the candidate they think is "no worse" than any politician win is what has enabled me -- at age 49! -- to abandon empathy for nearly half the country. (It would seem like it's a relief, only my concern for the other half has quadrupled.) My brothers, sister-in-law, boyfriend and I have been keeping a HA HA HA File for the various times people were horrified to find out that Donald Trump was going to do something that went precisely against their own interests and desires -- all of which was merely stuff he promised to do yet they voted for him anyway. While people voting against their own interests has been going on since the Republican Party brilliantly brainwashed half the country, there's something particularly satisfying about some of these examples, as this time they were duped by someone who pandered to their racist and xenophobic tendencies but were too stupid to realize where they would get them! Send examples to me HERE

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"I don't understand why the minimum wage here can't be raised. I don't get that," she says, wiping her eyes.


Now THAT'S stupidity -- I mean loyalty! Read HERE.


Anonymous said...

moby hit at least one powerful note, unless the koch brothers are prepared to fund every gop campaign nationwide in the near future, they'd better hurry along with impeachment, as gop fundraising is tanking faster than trump's already dismal approval ratings.

SFRowGuy said...

@northalabama, can't say that is true or not, but I feel a whole lot more people are going to have to feel the "pinch" before there is an outcry by the people that voted for him to even think of impeachment, probably in part, because they don't want Pence either. Trump told these people what he was going to do, and they weren't listening.

To think, Trump could have possibly been telling one enormous lie, his whole campaign. "Inconceivable!"

(The Koch brothers pretty much have bought most of the government as is, but if it ever appears that way, they're going to have to rule from another country, otherwise, "That rope makes a pretty necklace there boy.")

I still expect the Repubs to try to defund or "privatize" Social Security for the "good of the people". (...then there will be lynchings in DC.)

(@Kenneth, I can't say I don't do stupid stuff All. The. Time., but I have little sympathy for stupid people. They deserve exactly what is going to have happen to them. It's unfortunate, everyone else (tic!) is going to get dragged along with them.)

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