Monday, February 06, 2017

Trump Accuses Media of 'Covering Up' Terrorist Attacks

He's kind of managed to Swift Boat in reverse here, taking a weakness -- his adviser made an international fool or herself when she talked about the little-reported Bowling Green Massacre (that never happened) -- and turning it into a strength ("See, I'm tough and want you to know the things I'm protecting you from that you don't even know about") by deflecting and playing the "media is bad" card. Fact: A sizable portion of Trump's supporters will completely believe this disgusting assault on my profession, which is infinitely dangerous. Putting the call out to all journalists -- when and how (PSAs? remedial civics classes?) are we going to stand up for ourselves before the general public is completely brainwashed into believing nothing we report, thus allowing our leaders to say and do whatever they want with complete impunity?

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