Monday, February 06, 2017

Song of the Day: 'Never Going Back Again' by Fleetwood Mac

Although I have many memories prior to 1977, I tend to think of it as the point where I started to remember everything in its entirety. (Call me Marilu Henner adjacent.) That was when my brother Bill's best friend, Paul, was over at our house on 13 Mile Road talking about his parents getting him "Rumours" for Christmas -- "It's like they just walked into the record store and said, 'What's popular?' and got me something I don't even want" he complained -- as if they had gotten him Rick Dees' "Disco Duck Part 1 & 2." "Rumours," of course, is arguably the most perfect album of all time -- and 40 years later I'd be curious to learn if Paul has come around to realizing what a great gift his parents bestowed upon him.

Imagine an album so good that "Silver Springs" had to be cut from it?


Dave in Texas said...

Rumors is still my all-time favorite album. I was 15 when it was released. I was able to get a hardship drivers license (I was the youngest and no one in my family wanted to pick me up or take me anywhere), and the 8 track of Rumours was in my car non-stop, only briefly replaced by Linda Ronstadt's Simple Dreams. Rumours is still a great listen. Thoughts on Tusk?

Kenneth M. Walsh said...

@Dave: I love everything about "Tusk" and think it would have been considered an all-time great if not for the shadow of its predecessor.

Blobby said...

'Tusk' still beats out 'Rumours' in my book, though if I never hear 'Don't Stop' again, I'll be a happy happy man. That said, I ended up wearing out 3 vinyl copies of 'Rumours' - then had the total craptastic first CD version, and the 2004 reissue.

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