Wednesday, February 01, 2017

Song of the Day: 'Life on Your Own' by the Human League

Been on a bit of Human League bender, following mini addictions to New Order and Heaven 17. ("Seconds" and "Darkness" might be the best songs ever, which is to say nothing of "Fascination," of course.) Would love to meet someone whose favorite band is the Human League, who could straighten me out on the band whose discography is somewhat baffling to me. (Did they suffer from writer's block? What were they thinking with "The Lebanon" and why wasn't this a hit? I bought the single!)

UPDATE: A friend did a retrospective on Instagram HERE!


Tekkrokk said...

Good to see another fan of good 80's music (Human League, New Order, Heaven 17, etc). I've also been listening to Human League lately also, due to a new compilation ("Anthology - A Very British Synthesizer Group") and covers done by Parralox, an Australian modern synthpop group. I always had a weak spot for "The Lebanon" - the band's attempt at a politically motivated single...with guitars. Another single that deserves a replay is "Louise" which I read is a "sequel" to their hit "Don't You Want Me". - Rich in 718

Anonymous said...

I bought the 45 of The Lebanon too! Still have it. Finally I am not the only one I know of who did. Had a crush on Ian Burden but no one ever seems to talk about him. Thanks for the memory!

Peter Maria said...

I will have to check out "Louise" (thanks Tekkrokk!) as I can listen to "Don't You Want Me" obsessively. Another couple of singles of theirs that don't get a lot of play even on dedicated 80's stations are "Heart Like a Wheel" and "Mirror Man."

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