Saturday, February 04, 2017

Rise, Resist, Repeat

Hundreds gathered outside the famed Stonewall Inn this afternoon in New York's Greenwich Village for an LGBT Solidarity March to protest our new "president," who in two weeks has made good on his promises to needlessly persecute immigrants, violate the U.S. Constitution, chip away at health care, the financial well-being of our country and a woman's right to choose, while stocking his cabinet with billionaires who are on record stating they do not believe in the departments they were chosen to lead. (The list of speakers was long and impressive.) While I'm not sure anything in particular was accomplished today, I'm proud so many went on record that they do not think what this administration is doing is right, a sentiment with which a federal judge agrees.

A dozen of my favorite picket signs HERE.

I agree with everything on this tip sheet going around on Facebook except No. 7. (We pretty much doomed.)


Jeffery said...

I don't think we are doomed yet. We've had periods of instability in the past. Trump might be the worst we've ever had. To combat him it every group threatened by this regime needs to reach out to each other and form an organized wall against the ideas he represents.

David in Houston said...

Yeah, I'm not going to stop calling him King Cheeto McDimwit. So #5 is out.

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